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The laboratories of pHformula have developed a new and innovative complex, PH-DVC™, which promotes the bioavailability of the different active ingredients. It also reverses any negative effects that may occur from the use of high concentrations of acids, while maintaining maximum efficacy.

PH-DVC™ is made up of three different structures:

1. Saponin complex: superior anti-inflammatory properties

2. Polarised aqueous clusters: vehicle or transport system of the actives

3. F-decalin: oxygen carrier

PH-DVC™ complex is both hydrophilic and hydrophobic.

This characteristic means that the complex facilitates a uniform penetration of the active ingredients through the skin membrane.

The saponin complex assists in the reduction of superficial skin trauma, irritation and inflammation by the inhibition of sensory irritation. This unique property allows for the possibility of using acid solutions at maximum concentrations.

The organic micro-polarised structure acts as an intercellular vehicle of the active ingredients.

F-decalin or better known as Perfluorodecalin, is a fluorocarbon and derivative of decalin, providing extra oxygen. Due to its oxygen carrying capacity, perfluorodecalin has been used to enhance oxygen delivery during cell culture and some studies have shown that perflurodecalin assists in the process and acceleration of wound healing as well as improving the skin’s barrier function.