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Homecare Kits

The homecare skin resurfacing products are condition specific prescriptions to prepare, optimize and maintain the results of the skin resurfacing treatments, making sure that the skin specialist has access to the most advanced treatment system.

Prescribing a pHformula homecare regime is simple and easy to follow. The products are grouped in three categories: active, recovery and support.

The following chart indicates which products fall into which category.

The products which fall into the ACTIVE category are the most active products using maximum strength formulations, which is the ideal preparation prior or during the pHformula skin resurfacing treatments.

The second category is the RECOVERIES, which was specifically designed not only to rapidly repair the skin but also to maintain the skin resurfacing results.

The SUPPORT category provides options from soft pH-balanced cleansing to a unique skin supplement. This helps to maintain the overall skin health inside out as well as a broad-spectrum protection from damaging ultraviolet rays.